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Carlos A. Bracuto


Personal Trainer

Yoga Teacher

Senior Fitness Specialist

Senior Fall Prevention Coach
Brain Health Coach

Advanced Qigong Instructor

& Tai Chi Chuan Teacher


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Pilates Pose

A Smart Fitness Training System

for Mind and Body Wellness


It’s not just about toning your muscles or losing weight;

it’s a healthier, happier lifestyle

One-on-one or small groups training at your own home or office


I am a traveling wellness provider,

so you don’t have to leave your home or office to exercise.

I’ll come to you!



Tai Chi & Qigong

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Meditation and Stress Relief 

Meditation Class

Nutrition and Weight Management Program


 Special programs for older adults and
people with reduced mobility


Brain Health

Balance and Fall Prevention

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Through my individualized program based on your needs and goals I will design a reasonable, fun and challenging workout routine to help you achieve your best shape ever.

Fit Woman
Start Now!​


"What if I cannot do it?"

We will work at your own pace, with your safety as a main priority. Of course you can do it!


"Would it be boring?"

Training with me could well be the most fun activity of your day. No boredom allowed!


"I don't have the time..."

Really? You don't have one hour a day, two or three days a week?


"I better use the money for that trip to Hawaii."

Remember, exercise will keep you healthy and full of energy, so you can perform all the activities of daily life at an optimal level. Taking care of your health and wellbeing is the best investment you can make, and it will save you a fortune in medical bills.  Besides, my fees are really affordable. Way cheaper than a trip to Hawaii…



Always consult with your doctor before starting a fitness program.

Please go to the CONTACT page for options and fees