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Tai Chi





The art of working

with internal energy

Tai Chi

Slow and harmonious

dance-like movements that integrate mind, breath and body

T’ai chi ch’uan (usually called tai chi) is a gentle but powerful exercise modality originally created in China as a martial art. The tai chi form is a slow, continuous and harmonious dance-like series of movements that integrates mind, breath and body.

Today, tai chi is practiced around the world for its manifold health benefits. Tai chi provides a complete body and mind workout with minimal risk of injuries.

It develops strength, balance and coordination, strengthens the immune system to prevent disease, increases the intake of oxygen to heighten your ability to concentrate and relax, reestablishes the body’s natural capacity for self-healing, balances emotions, and calms the mind.

Qigong (sometimes also spelled chi kung), is an ancient Chinese technique for health, vitality and longevity. Usually referred to as “Chinese yoga”, qigong involves a series of stretching, twisting and breathing exercises that promote a strong and harmonious circulation of chi (vital energy) to all parts of the body.

The practice of Qigong cleanses and invigorate internal organs for optimal bodily functions, helps you develop strength, balance and coordination, stimulates the central nervous system, relieves chronic pain, and increases the intake of oxygen to heighten your ability to concentrate and relax.

Give tai chi a chance

   Recent studies published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society conclude that tai chi and qigong could help prevent injuries for falls in older adults, which are one of the most common causes of traumatic death in this segment of the population. Many other studies in universities and medical centers around the world confirm the benefits of practicing tai chi and qigong for a wide variety of conditions, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and osteoarthritis.

   During the past 20 years, many of my own students of all ages have reported the beneficial impact of their tai chi and qigong practice in improving their cardiovascular health, balance and coordination; strengthening their immune system; improving their sleep patterns, mood, blood pressure, mental performance and concentration; and even relieving symptoms of arthritis, and back pain.

   If you’ve heard others saying that “tai chi is too difficult”, “boring”, or that “requires too much dedication”, give yourself a chance to study under my guidance. I often tell my students that the only people who don’t learn and benefit from practicing tai chi or qigong are those who quit.

               Sit and do the tai chi

   Sitting tai chi features many of the most beneficial tai chi and qigong postures and movements adapted to be performed while sitting on a chair.

   This special class is ideal for people with reduced mobility, frail health or very poor balance. If you suffer from severe arthritis, have a knee injury or recent surgery, or just don’t feel safe exercising in a standing position, you can still strengthen your body, increase your range of motion and improve your overall health with these sitting tai chi and qigong exercises.   

Cheerful Seniors
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"Of all the exercises, I should say that T'ai Chi is the best. It can ward off disease, banish worry and tension, bring improved physical health and prolong life. It is a good hobby for your whole life, the older you are, the better. It is suitable for everyone - the weak, the sick, the aged, children, the disabled and blind. It is also an economical exercise. As long as one has three square feet of space, one can take a trip to paradise and stay there to enjoy life for thirty minutes without spending a single cent."

T.T. Liang (Liang Tung-Tsai, 1900-2002), 

T'ai Chi Ch'uan for Health and Self-Defense

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Tai chi chuan




Both tai chi and qigong are particularly appropriate for people who are looking for a very low-impact form of exercise with great benefits for physical and emotional health.


   Throughout the years I have helped many clients, people of all ages who could not find a safe, fun and effective way to exercise. I have seen amazing improvements in many people recovering from surgery, or dealing with chronic pain, depression, or different kinds of injuries.

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